What is Mental Health? Mental health problems are clinically significant patterns of behavior or emotions that are associated with some level of distress, suffering, or impairment in one or more areas such as school, work, social and family interactions.

What are the Mental Health issues associated with Refugees? Refugee groups can develop serious mental health challenges as a result of the trauma experiences of war, torture, and rape. Refugee and new immigrant families are commonly under a great deal of economic, social and acculturation stress as well.  Resettlement can be riddled by unemployment, financial insecurity, poverty and inadequate housing. These pressures may create tension in families and sometimes leads to problem behaviors. As a result of these issues, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression occur at significantly higher levels for refugees and other traumatized groups.

What are the barriers to access to Mental Health by the Refugee Community? Getting treatment for mental health challenges can be difficult for anyone. But for members of ethnic and racial minority groups, the road to treatment is often difficult due to diverse cultural views of mental illness and therapy, language obstacles, transportation issues, lack of insurance and inadequate access to appropriate culturally relevant and sensitive care.

What is Tidwell’s role in addressing these issues?  Tidwell, through its professional services and community collaboration efforts, provides individually driven and community based services that addresses pre-migration trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder. In addition, Tidwell creates awareness programs, community education and other support services that reduce biases and stereotypes, contributing to reducing the barriers to social and economic integration in our community.

As part of its holistic approach to mental health services for refugees, new Immigrants and other vulnerable groups, Tidwell’s workers and clients collaboratively design individualized treatment plans to promote and foster personal growth in a culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and compassionate environment. Our services are accessible and targeted to facilitate a pathway to care, quality of life, and overall well-being of individuals of all ages, cultures and faiths.

What is Tidwell’s Current Revenue Pull? We are currently largely funded by Optum/Medicaid. However, due to recent challenges that threaten the sustainability of some of our services, we need to explore other viable sources for generating revenue.

How can you help? We appreciate your donations and other supports that keep our services afloat. Please note that your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE and will go a long way in adding value to a life and building our community.  THANK YOU!