Tidwell Social Work Services and Consulting is a multicultural mental health center for traumatized individuals of all ages, cultures, and faiths. Although we see people of all ethnic backgrounds, we specialize in providing refugees and new immigrants mental health services in a culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and compassionate environment. Our treatment is based on safety, trust, and is driven by individual needs.

At Tidwell, we understand how a trauma survivor’s world has been destroyed or seriously damaged. Each refugee has at least one traumatic experience that has shaped his or her life story. Overcoming this trauma is the centerpiece of the healing we facilitate. We help our patients reduce the emotional and psychological distress associated with the violence or loss they have experienced.

The resettlement process for refugees involves giving up nearly all possessions and resources of their local communities.  Traditional jobs from refugees country of origin are not always available and even those who are college educated often find their degrees are not recognized here. We understand the social condition of these survivors and help develop skills to overcome these barriers.

We are Boise’s Trauma Treatment Center