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Tidwell Social Work Services and Consulting, Inc., strives toward the restoration of dignity & respect, safety & trust, as well as power & control for the individuals we serve by keeping our client’s needs at the heart of treatment. With services driven by individual needs, TSWSC workers and clients collaboratively design individualized treatment plans to promote and foster personal growth in a culturally responsive, trauma-informed, and compassionate environment. Our services are accessible to individuals of all ages, cultures and faiths.

Mission Statement

Fostering health through culturally relevant, equitable services and advocacy tailored to promote individual and community resilience, healing and prevention.

Vision Statement

Community members from other cultures are embraced and respected for their contributions to, and enrichment of, our community.

Benchmarks of Success

  • All who arrive in our community as refugees, or from other cultures, have access to culturally-relevant, client-centered mental health services.
  • Our clients are empowered, have a voice and are partners in their services and in the community.
  • Community services providers have access to and are trained to be culturally competent.
  • All we serve are recognized as individuals.
  • Our clients are provided with the tools to integrate into the community with dignity, respect and resiliency; feeling safe, connected and having purpose.
  • The community embraces the strengths and contributions of members from different cultures.
  • Tidwell Social Work Services is a leader in the community for traditional and non-traditional, innovative and holistic social work services.

Core Services

Direct Mental Health Services

  • Individual, group & family counseling
  • Community-Based Rehabilitation Services
  • Targeted Service Coordination (Case Management)
  • Community Mental Health Advisors (Peer Support)
  • Massage Therapy

Training & Consultation

  • Clinical Supervision
  • Internships
  • Refugee services training (includes certificate programs)

Community Building & Healing


  • Tidwell Mental Health Services Mental Health
  • Tidwell Training & Consultation Training & Consultation
  • Tidwell Community Building Community Building & Healing
  • Tidwell Volunteer Services Volunteer Services

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